The Pharaoh cigar is a premium offering crafted by the renowned cigar manufacturer, Rocky Patel. Known for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, this cigar is a testament to Patel’s commitment to producing top-notch cigars. With a diverse range of blends and sizes, Pharaoh cigars cater to a wide range of flavor preferences, making them a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts.


The Pharaoh Connecticut cigar, a creation from the celebrated Rocky Patel, boasts a unique blend that showcases the best of different tobacco regions. Its Connecticut wrapper, well-known for its mild and creamy character, provides a smooth and mellow smoking experience. The inclusion of a Habano binder adds a touch of complexity and a hint of spiciness, balancing the overall flavor profile. What truly sets this cigar apart is its fillers from Costa Rica, introducing a layer of intriguing flavors with earthy and herbal notes. With this harmonious combination of tobacco components, the Pharaoh Connecticut cigar offers a delightful and well-rounded smoking journey for those seeking a satisfying, yet nuanced cigar experience.


The Pharaoh Maduro cigar, a creation by the esteemed Rocky Patel, stands out with its carefully chosen blend of rich and flavorful tobaccos. Its Maduro wrapper, celebrated for its dark and oily texture, imparts a distinctive sweetness with hints of chocolate, making it a favorite among aficionados of full-bodied cigars. The Habano binder adds a layer of complexity and a subtle spiciness to the profile, enhancing the overall experience.

What truly distinguishes this cigar is its fillers sourced from the renowned tobacco region of Jalapa, known for its fertile volcanic soil and unique flavor profile. These fillers contribute to a rich, full-bodied character with a complex medley of flavors. The Pharaoh Maduro cigar is a testament to Rocky Patel’s commitment to producing top-notch cigars, offering an indulgent and unforgettable journey for those who appreciate the depth and intensity of a premium Maduro cigar.




The Pharaoh Sumatra cigar is an intriguing creation by Rocky Patel, featuring a blend of diverse tobacco components. Its Indonesian Sumatra wrapper leaf lends a distinct character, known for its mild to medium flavor and slight sweetness. Complementing the Sumatra wrapper is a Habano binder, which often imparts a spicier and more complex element to the smoking experience. The use of fillers from Colombia adds a unique twist, introducing earthy and slightly sweet notes that contribute to the overall complexity of this Rocky Patel cigar. With its blend of international tobaccos, the Pharaoh Sumatra cigar offers a well-rounded and flavorful journey for cigar enthusiasts seeking something out of the ordinary.